The Caretaker

By Dan Klefstad Dear Applicant, Congratulations. Out of hundreds of applications, yours stood out for your “unwavering persistence to get the job done.” Well put! No doubt you will deserve the eight-figure salary and opulent benefits that come with this job. But I must warn you: The more you read, the more my employer will… Continue reading The Caretaker

30 Days of Night (2007) | Review

R | 1h 53 min | Action, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural | 19 October 2007 (USA) Direction: David Slade | Cinematography: Jo Willems | Music: Brian Reitzell Writing: Steve Niles, Brian Nelson & Stuart Beattie (read script here) Starring: Josh Hartnett, Danny Huston, Melissa George 30 Days of Night follows the exploits of vampire-attack survivors lead by Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett) in the Alaskan… Continue reading 30 Days of Night (2007) | Review