New Website Launched

Synnefo—which focuses on research and design in interstellar development—is now live. The first article from the site—on meta-architecture in space policy—is available here. You can follow Synnefo on twitter here.

Fiction Circular 1/31/19

"All words are pegs to hang ideas on." - Henry Ward Beecher INDEPENDENT AUTHORS The Dark Netizen published a installment in his on-going flash fiction horror series. Part 1- Twittering Tale: Campfire Part 2- Flash Fiction: Boots Part 3- Flash Fiction: Stay Out Part 4- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods Part 5- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods 2 Part 6- Flash… Continue reading Fiction Circular 1/31/19

Fiction Circular 10/5/18

With October underway, Halloween swift encroaches --- which means a bevvy of horror fiction will be cropping up as a prelude to Samhain festival and fantasy. INDEPENDENT AUTHORS --- SELF PUBLISHED WORK First up from circular regular, The Dark Netizen, a serialization of microfictions culminating in the unnerving and surreal short, Uninvited Guest 2. Here… Continue reading Fiction Circular 10/5/18

Logos Circular 5/19/2017

The Logos Club here presents a brief list of links to some of this weeks most enlightening, amusing and incisive pieces of writing from all across the web. First up is How To Make It As A Left-Wing Polemicist which comes to us from the talented Hubert Collins of Social Matter. The piece is a ironic,… Continue reading Logos Circular 5/19/2017