Writing Prompt 9/22/18 – Obsession


No matter the time of day, his thoughts turned ever to the case, to that fragile, crumpled body lying at the base of the willow…


Her idee fixe compelled her to follow him, despite the racing of her heart, rattling in her chest like the war drums of some agued god…


“You’re obsessed with the damned things… sometimes… sometimes I think you like your trinkets more than us!”

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Writing Prompts 9/15/18 – “Nature”


“Nature,” the old man said, “Is merely that which humans ain’t yet tinkering with.”


The tarantula hawk flipped over on its back and stung the tarantula til paralysis and then started dragging it, paused and bit off its eight hoary legs, sucked the blood til dry and, now finding its quarry much lighter, harried it down a small burrow into the abyss.


The detective shook his head as he surveyed the crime scene, “This guy ain’t going to change. Killing is in his nature.”

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Writing Prompts 9/13/18 – Resolve


He knew the killer was coming for him. Was only a matter of time. Yet, nothing would shake his desire to see the maniac brought to justice.


The men, bestially masked and robed, gathered round and took their prisoners fingers, one by one; wearing him down with every sicking snip. “Where is she?” No answer. Another snip, another question, another pained silence, but for how long?


“Without willful commitment, codes are but empty slogans.”

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Writing Prompts 9/12/18 – Loyalty (Or the lack thereof)

theme by popular vote (the theme selected is the general direction, not always a literal descriptor, ie. if the them was “machines” not necessarily going to be writing “machine” in everywhere, rather will be writing about pulley systems, cars, trains, robots, etc)


He griped the ax til his knuckles ashed. Her infidelity would not go unpunished…


“Get Danniger on the phone! The bastard sold us out…”


The imperial court donned Vermain with the garland robes of the cennerate, a gift reserved solely for those most faithful to the crown. Would that they could know he’d other plans…


“Thing I like bout my car – all machines really – is that they never let you down. Can’t twist the knife in the back. Loyal til the end.”


“I don’t like dogs,” he said, spitting his chew at the feet of the dog, “Dogs, why they loyalty is for sale. They’re whores when it comes to that. All of them. Cats on the other hand, why you’ve gotta earn they loyalty. And let me tell you, that don’t come by no thrown steak, no sir.”

Writing Prompts 9/11/18 – Dust


All was as dust in the wake of the bomb.


“This machine is no frail contraption, fated for the scrap heap in ten years time; she’ll be chugging along well after we’ve all turned to dust!”


She blew the dust from the stack of papers and smiled. The secret she’d sought for half a century now bared itself to her voracious intellect and quivering hands.

Writing Prompts 9/10/18 – Energy

prompt #1

There was nothing known not made of energy.

prompt #2

The terrorists hit the power grid, hoping for a revolution, receiving instead only the slow and agonizing death of starvation.


A million gears whirred with a synchronous clattering as the ardent machinist’s great, metal citywalker roared to life and rose up from the ground on legs thick as skyscrapers, smokestacks pumping black daggers to the sky. “It works, it works!”

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Writing Prompts 9/9/18 – Cybernetics

The theme by popular vote is: cybernetics (thanks to all those who voted!)

prompt #1

The cybernetic implants had given him a new shot at life after the ravages of the war.

prompt #2

For the Psionic Gamers Union it was all fun and games til someone got mindhacked.

prompt #3

He was no longer merely a man, now he was The System. The grid, incarnate.

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Writing Prompts 9/8/18

Theme (by popular vote): Lost in a dream.

Prompt #1

Pulled up through through the clouds, as if by some invisible hand, he was filled with fear and wonderment in equal measure. He wanted to keep flying but he didn’t want to fall…


Prompt #2

Dreamer, lost in the misty corridors of Forgetfulness, paused to observe a stranger, advancing down from the wide, outer dark. Thoughts spooled round and out of the newcomer’s head like a pluming mask of yarn and once the distance had been closed, he reached into Dreamer’s head and plucked out a gleaming strand of mind.

“Fear here bares the texture of cotton. You’ll learn to appreciate it… in time.”


Prompt #3

She knew she was dreaming, there was no other explanation for walking woods and floating mice, yet no matter what she did she could not wake. She even tried sitting atop the jellyfish chairs but they refused to sting! She spied a man-faced jackal atop a log and promptly demanded to be eaten.


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Writing Prompts 9/7/18

Theme: Creation

Prompt #1

The little thing scampered across the floor and smiled. She thought to herself, “He’s got my smile.”


Prompt #2

The artists shook his head and tossed aside the canvas. The muses were on holiday!


Prompt #3

The draftsman scanned the area where the tower used to be; after the attack, there was nothing. He determined to change all of that and sketched the faint traced outlines of a building grander and more magnificent than anything that had come before.

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Writing Prompts 9/6/18

Writing prompts – a word or sentence meant to act as the catalyst to a piece of prose or poetry – is a very useful tool for generating ideas, producing more motivation and increasing one’s writing output generally. Most writing prompts, however, are just a single word, and usually, a word that can be used extremely broadly like “love” or “fight” or “sexy.” That is, of course, fine, but it doesn’t really give a struggling writer much in the way of a template. So, on the regular, Logos will be putting out some writing prompts which will be far more detailed and specific (and thus more challenging but, we hope, fruitful) than the standard fair. If you use our prompts tag our admin on twitter at @KaiterEnless and include the writing prompt as a hashtag and we’ll repost your story and if its really good we might just promote in on our site itself before our weekly prompts themselves.

The rules (to have your story re-posted): Use the premise (you don’t have to use all of the words given precisely) as the basis for a fiction story. Can be no shorter than 100 words. There is no maximum (if longer than the 280 twitter character limit, just thread it with sequential numbers). The story must have a beginning, middle and end (it doesn’t need to be conclusive, could be a cliffhanger, but it should wrap up at least some of the building action). Best of luck.

Theme: Speculative extraterrestrial endeavors (so look up your planets)

Prompt #1

Galilean moon expedition. Permanent Evropa colony, Minos One.


Prompt #2

Advanced aerial warfare above Jupiter gas-harvesting station.


Prompt #3

Mineral magnates of the Martian Mining Federation (MMF) convene over looming threat of rogue Cytek ore harvester.

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