Fiction Circular 12/5/20

A weekly dissemination of independent writing from around the web by Kaiter Enless.

From David T. Wilby: We Are Gargoyle. A tech-savvy vigilante pursues a corrupt politician caught in the machinations of a shadowy corporation.

“He’d tried to be a hero in his own right. First in the army, then the police. All he’d seen was darkness”

From Geoffrey David West: The Model. An aspiring painter struggles with his lack of talent after failing to capture the essence of a mysterious art model.

“Seems to me that for every creative endeavour, whether it’s writing songs, painting pictures, or penning novels, you can learn all the right techniques from the very best teachers, but without some kind of innate talent, you’ll always be useless.”

From Ry-Ter’s Block: Goddess of Spring by Ryan Ludington. A tragic fable.

“When the man was younger – more foolish and rebellious in his ways – he stole the
flower crown veil that belonged to the Goddess of Spring.”

From Tall and True: The Al-Rabie Hotel by Robert Fairhead. A husband on vacation gets more than be bargained for when he encounters a mysterious man with a peculiar proposition.

“He glances up, fixes me with his piercing eyes, smiles and winks. Suddenly I feel scared.”

From Tom Kane: Sentinels. A survivor of an alien invasion looks for other stragglers.

“Time, the scree and the coming night were his enemy, but his nemesis was the invader of his world…”

From TW Iain: If You Only Walk Long Enough. A man finds himself trapped in a strange series of passageways and desperately seeks an escape.

“But there must be a window somewhere. Or maybe a door, one that leads outside. I just haven’t…”


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