Circular 12/25/19 (Yuletide Edition)

Regular readers of the site will be aware that circulars have been few and far between of late. That is not because I've discontinued the series, but simply because I've been focused on various other projects (namely music composition and writing). With that said—Merry Christmas! to all our readers and supporters. — K. E., Logos… Continue reading Circular 12/25/19 (Yuletide Edition)

Triton: R. B. Fuller’s Floating Tetrahedronal City

“The author’s city of the future consists of three triangular walls of 5000 living units apiece, the walls and base forming a tetrahedron; each unit faces the sky over a spacious terrace. The large cutaway drawing shows a huge public garden at the bottom of the interior of the superbuilding, which the sun pierces through… Continue reading Triton: R. B. Fuller’s Floating Tetrahedronal City

The Paper Forge: From Literary Concept To Technical Creation

§00. Practical invention following conceptual abstraction | The civilizational significance of literary art lies, firstly in model generation and secondarily, in the application the generated model. The preferred format for model dispensation varies (novels, novellas, short stories, manifestos, poems, etc...) but the effect of all great literary works is, at least in one way, the… Continue reading The Paper Forge: From Literary Concept To Technical Creation

Bionic Eyes Return Sight To The Blind

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT), an Australian-based bioware firm, has created a groundbreaking eyewear system that can return "a sense of sight" to those who are completely blind. Thus far, the device (as yet unnamed) has been used to return a semblance of vision to four different patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative genetic eye… Continue reading Bionic Eyes Return Sight To The Blind

On The Prospects of Inverse Arcology [PDF]

Below is a free, downloadable PDF version of the paper, On The Prospects of Inverse Arcology. You can find more of our papers available as free PDFs on our 'archives' page. Inverse Arcology